The most unselfish act of love one can do for another.



Jennifer Grossman

13 Minutes

Small Town March is a short overlook of one of the sister marches of the Women's March on Washington. Features interviews with the organizers of the march, participants and march footage.

Tongue in Chic


Lisa Tedesco

16 Minutes

Small Town March

Filmmaker  Allison Rose

19 Minutes

The Escape Hatch

Parallel the Documentary

Filmmaker  B. Danielle Watkins

 36 Minutes

*Executive Producer  Susan K. Jacoby will be joining us for our Filmmaker Q & A on Saturday (May 27th @ 1 pm)

Filmmaker Liss Platt will take part in our "Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q & A on Saturday, May 27th @ 1 pm!

Two young women find themselves completely drawn to each other but one fears the repercussions of society in 1978 Brooklyn.

You Can't  Get

There  From Here

Filmmaker  Liss Platt

8 Minutes


​Filmmaker  Liss Platt

5 ​Minutes

*First time Filmmaker Allison Rose will be speaking at our "Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q & A on Saturday, May 27th @ 1 pm!

*Filmmaker B. Danielle Watkins will be joining us for our "Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q & A on Saturday, May 27th @ 1 pm!



Filmmaker  Piper Kessler

9 Minutes

Left on Pearl

Filmmaker   Susie Rivo

54 Minutes

Only One

The Passionate Pursuits

of Angela Bowen

​Filmmaker  Jennifer Abod

74​ Minutes

*Filmmaker B. Danielle Watkins will take part in our "Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q & A on Saturday, May 27th @ 1 pm!

Filmmaker and Author B. Danielle Watkins chronicles being the only African-American filmmaker in the inaugural lesbian only film festival Cinema Systers Film Festival in Paducah, Kentucky. While simultaneously staying at the historic Hotel Metropolitan that was built to house the likes of Louis Armstrong and Moms Mabley so that they could have a place of comfort in a racially motivated climate. Exploring the historic importance of the festival as well as the hotel B. Danielle Watkins finds herself emotionally torn between that of being celebrated and the history of being shunned.

LEFT ON PEARL is a fast-paced, humorous documentary about a highly significant, but little-known chapter in the history of the Women’s Liberation Movement of the late 60s and early 70s.  On March 6, 1971, International Women's Day marchers turned left on Pearl Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, seizing a Harvard University building at 888 Memorial Drive, and declaring it a Women's Center. Hundreds of women, veterans of the antiwar and civil rights movements, among them some of the earliest out lesbian rights activists, demanded that Harvard provide affordable housing for the Riverside community being displaced by the university’s expansion. The occupation led to the founding of the Cambridge Women’s Center - still going strong today - and contributed to the ongoing local struggle against gentrification and for tenants' rights. 


​     by Liss Platt

 The film is about Hélène and Laurence, two handicapped women who are newly married. It is a story about being marginalised, about autonomy, a search for freedom and its shining message. Crossing the tyranny of appearances linked to forms of exclusion, that’s the project of this documentary. Rejecting  pathos, the film shows lives and their imperfections as forms of resistance in a world mainly adapted to and fit for able-bodied persons. 

The Danish Embassy is flying Filmmakers Lone Falster and Iben Haahr Andersen from Denmark to Paducah, Kentucky to attend CSFF and take part in our

"Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q & A

on Saturday, May 27th @ 1pm!  

A huge "Thank you" to the Embassy of Denmark for seeing the value of our unique film festival and supporting Lesbian Filmmakers!


We salute YOU!

Sierra Schepmann

​6 Minutes


This Christmas is different than any other Christmas thus far. Trisha Covington - Smith has decided to take her wife, Chris,and their children to a cabin in the woods to join her best friends Lindsay and Brighton, along with her new coworker, Angel, for a Christmas themed weekend. Santa Claus, laughter,and secrets lie ahead as the seemingly make shift bunch are forced to face each other, and heal with each other in the spirit of the season.

Queen of Hearts


Monique Velasquez

12 Minutes

This videotape examines my (and my collaborator’s) relationship (as butch women) to purses. Forms and tropes from contemporary popular horror films and experimental/Surrealist films from the 20s are utilized to explore the psycho-sexual dimensions of our experience and playfully presents purses as a ‘threat’ to masculinity (even female masculinity).

You Can't Get There From Here is a short experimental documentary and a kinetic scrapbook of being sixteen. Cacophonous, contradictory, and constantly on the move, this coming of age story is rife with burgeoning queer desire, adolescent rebelliousness, and family crisis. Ultimately, the film is about the irreconcilability of striving for and running from, of growing up and shutting down, of pursuit and flight. You can’t get there from here.

Filmmaker  Jen Sheridan

12 minutes

Tongue In Chic

Filmmaker  Liss Platt

​21 Minutes

Storm Drenched Minds

Lhémon Karine
75 Minutes

Sometimes you need a reminder that your life matters.

I Kissed a GIRL

A campy spoof on various traditions of erotic representations (from contemporary commercial porn to Warhol’s understated underground 16mm films), with special attention given to lesbian cliches such as wood nymph imagery and the 'lesbian self-reflexive' genre. The tape also features a recurring info-mercial segment where a Mary Faké representative shares her line of products for sexual illusions.

The Arab Spring strikes Egypt in 2011. Driven by empathy, satire and burning passion female artists take courage and their art becomes radical.

In the film we meet eight women, musicians, visual artists, a photographer, a filmmaker and their art. 
In this period of time their art is more than just a matter of beauty. It is an active, critical voice in the public, where the military and the Muslim Brotherhood are struggling to set the agenda. Impressions and reflections are processed into artistic expression. Hope is maintained and the women encourage the audience to take a position. 

*Filmmaker Liss Platt will take part in our "Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q & A on Saturday, May 27th @ 1 pm!

We Need A Little

Filmmaker  B. Danielle Watkins

 60 Minutes

In Light of the Revolution

- About Women and Art in Cairo


Lone Falster &

Iben Haahr Andersen

54 Minutes 

Do you remember the first time you kissed someone who really knocked your socks off?

For many lesbians, kissing a woman or a girl for the first time can be a real "fireworks moment" and change the trajectory of their lives.

Filmed in Nashville, TN – the very conservative, very Christian South – we interviewed six diverse women who shared their deeply personal, moving, and often very funny stories of first girl-kisses.

This is a fascinating inside look at a part of LGBT culture that hasn’t really been discussed before. These women share their happiness (and sometimes, surprise) as they talk about the first time they really kissed a girl; experiences that helped shape who they are, and who they believe they were meant to be.

We are hoping to entertain audiences from all walks of life, but also hope, in part, to reach our "not yet allies" with these stories, and foster more understanding of people in the LGBT Community.

To sum it up, this is "12 minutes of happy, smiling lesbians". What's not to love?

A girl walks into a restaurant dressed as Wonder Woman. She flicks her cape, takes a seat at the bar and orders a beer.  As the restaurant staff ponder the motive behind this costume, the girl receives a text message and flies out the door.  But the next Saturday evening, she’s there again.

A feel good film about love and courage

"The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen" is a window into the life of an inspiring woman who grew up in inner city Boston during the Jim Crow era. She went on to become a classical ballerina, a legendary dance teacher, a black lesbian feminist activist, a writer and a professor at Cal State Long Beach.

Her story reveals how the challenges of race, class, gender, age and sexuality influenced her decisions and strategies for survival. In the film, Bowen urges all of us to follow our dreams, but not for ourselves alone. 

2017 CSFF Film Line-Up

The Escape Hatch

Gina Lambropoulos

10 Minutes

Getting a second chance when you pursue the woman of your dreams can be a real dream come true.

Filmmaker Monique Valesquez will be joining us for our Filmmaker Q&A on Saturday, May 27th at 1 PM.

Making art and making a point can be equally aggravating. Politics can put people at opposite ends of the spectrum but love can make them move to the middle. "SPIN: A short Love Story." 
A lesbian love story written by P. Kessler.

Filmmaker Piper Kessler will be speaking at our "Artist Meets Audience" Filmmaker Q&A on May 27th @ 1 PM.