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...."The New Queer Adele"  

                                         -- L Magazine

​     WEEP


         Indie Pop Band  


      Alternative Band


   ....One Woman Indie Rock Rampage

Appearing Sunday, May 28th


Appearing Saturday, May 27th

It is rare to find an artist who startles

your senses on many levels,

engaging the part of your brain that

makes you shake your hips, but also

raise your fist in solidarity.

Heather Mae does just that.

WEEP, who together, bring the music to life, and take the listener on a journey of true emotions! WEEP's journey began in Minneapolis, MN, with Robin Lynn Winkelmann, Kim Paschke, and former bassist Kristine Gretillat. Taking a detour to Ithaca, NY, where they recorded two CDs, and toured endlessly on the East Coast, (including frequent returns to New York City and the now defunct CBGB’s), Kim and Robin, on the heels of Kristine’s departure from WEEP, have continued the journey to their current home in Central Florida, where they are now gracing stages with their new, very talented lineup: Keyboardist Melanie England, Rhythm Guitarist Suzanne Daly, Drummer Kat Winters, Kim now on bass and Robin. With over 3 hours of original music, electrifying live performances, and their EP, “Rock It” and their newly released EP "Live It", this group of women is captivating listeners and spreading the message of peace far and wide with their hook-laden songs and their magnetic appeal! 

An imaginative lyricist with a powerhouse voice, Heather Mae is forging new ground with her newest album—entitled

“I AM ENOUGH”, and has earned early praise by FLURT Magazine as “...every bit appealing to the ears as it is empowering.”

The collection of five songs is a bold breakout from her former years as a folk singer-songwriter strumming a ukulele. Mae breaks ground in “I AM ENOUGH” not only for her interesting indie-pop sound, but also for her musical take on touchy subjects ranging from LGBTQ discrimination, gender stereotypes, body image, and mental health issues. This is what sets Mae apart—she seeks to write music for those that need an anthem and doesn’t shy away from tackling topics not often heard in pop music.

Blend infectious melodies, tight harmonies, and an in your face modern funk rock style with lyrics that echo the human condition, and you emerge with a uniquely diverse sound that heals, transforms and promotes love and peace; the sound of the 5 individuals known as 

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Appearing Saturday, May 27th

Appearing Friday, May 26th

Von Strantz, two Chicagoland sisters estranged from birth, with two different upbringings, from across the continent finally meet. They took their now known commonalities and in 2013 joined their last names Von Strantz to create music and art from life’s adversities 

Utilizing a variety of instruments such as violin, cello, keys, guitar and feet percussion, Von Strantz unites harmonies strung together by commanding and soulful lyrics. With story-sharing as their passion. Von Strantz invites their audience into the emotion of each piece.


Best friends Leah Shipchack (lead vox) and Lauren Horbal (lead guitar, vox) began FAME+FICTION in the summer of 2016. Completing the lineup with Trish Noe (drums) and Owen Berger (bass, vox), this band has already shredded unique stages like The Bowery Vault and The Lipstick Lounge.

Nashville based Kristen Ford, has been touring the country

non stop in support of her latest album DINOSAUR.

Performing over 200 shows a year, her eclectic sound fuses indie, folk, country, and blues with a healthy dose of rock and roll.

Her one ­woman band performance includes guitar, percussion and variety of effects pedals, creating a unique musical entertainment experience. She has performed in 46 states and 6 countries, and Pride Festivals all over the nation.

Our Innaugural September 2016 Film Festival was funded in part by a grant from
The Kentucky Foundation for Women

Robin Lynn Winkelmann - Vocals, Kimberly Paschke - Bass, Melanie England - Keyboard, Kat Winters - Drums