Parallel the documentary

a B. Danielle Watkins film

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This film chronicles filmmaker B. Danielle Watkins' experience as the only African American filmmaker at the innaugural all lesbian Cinema Systers Film Festival in Paducah, Kentucky in 2016, while simultaneously staying at the historic Hotel Metropolitan.  Exploring the historical importance of the festival as well as the hotel, B. Danielle Watkins finds herself emotionally torn between that of being celebrated and the history of being shunned. 

"Lesbian filmmakers - put this festival at the top of your list 

and if you are accepted make sure you attend! It is an extremely well run festival and we could not have asked for more. We really appreciated the warm and open atmosphere. In addition to the films, the parties and panels were interesting and lots of fun. The facilities where the events were held were great. It is a great festival to interact with other filmmakers and the audience."​

   Lisa Plourde


This was an amazing festival with wonderful screenings,smart and engaging panels, and a welcoming lesbian-centric vibe. I feel fortunate I was able to show my feature documentary here, and the feedback I received from audience members was amazing (people really came up to me to discuss my film and how they related to it!). This festival is a unique opportunity to meet a range of creative lesbians - my partner and I plan to attend every year!

​   Liss Platt

​​When our film "Left on Pearl: Women Takeover 888 Memorial Drive" was accepted to the 2017 Cinema Systers Film Festival,

I agreed to make the trip to Paducah, KY just for the fun of it. I expected that there might even be a few other films that I would want to see. As it turns out, the line up of films was extraordinary and we were eager to see all of them. None of the films presented the usual “lesbian” and, by now fairly boring, story lines. The films displayed a wide range of techniques and styles, compelling narratives, deep emotion, and sparking humor. Each film selected for the festival made a unique contribution to a fabulous weekend event for all attendees. The festival also showcased other artists, both visual and musical, for the free times between screenings. Paducah itself offered many other surprising diversions, along its border on the Ohio River, in its many art galleries and restaurants, and at the stunning National Quilt Museum. Asignificant bonus of attending the festival was the opportunity to reach a much broader potential audience for our film. We came away having made good connections in many other states (and two other countries) and are actively now planning additional screenings outside of the NY/CA/MA circuit.

I highly recommend Cinema Systers Film Festival to filmmakers and attendees alike.

      Susan Jacoby



"This festival is a film makers dream!

A family environment from participating filmmakers, hosts, and attendees alike. Quality films, quality entertainment, as well as quality care taken of the presentation of the overall product. Very impressed and praying to be a fixture in the growth of the Cinema Systers. I say JOB WELL DONE."

​   B. Daniel Watkins


"I wasn't able to make it to Paducah,but got very positive feedback from another filmmaker that the audience enjoyed my film. It was an honor to have my film selected and screened in the company of a diverse lineup reflecting the diversity of Lesbian filmmakers around the world. The festival's very existence is inspiring. 5 stars for courage and great press!" 

    Tina Brand



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